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Are you an Expat Entrepreneur?

Expats make great entrepreneurs because they have developed and perfected the exact skills necessary to start a business. You have fortitude, adaptability and some serious crisis management skills.  But despite this, your business is still struggling and you are at a loss as to why. If you’re ready for some experienced guidance, clear direction, and your own personal cheerleader, we should talk.  Let’s chat and see if we can work together to make your business a success. The first session's on me!

About Monica Jones

How do you define success?


Changing the world?  Becoming a millionaire?  Living life on your own terms? 


Each of these goals requires a different focus and a different attitude. 


For me, that definition has evolved.  As the years have passed, my priorities have changed. I had spent over 20 years running a successful branding firm in NY when I packed up my cats and my horse and flew across the ocean to start a new life in France. 


What I have realized is this...I am most fulfilled when I’m helping others. My life experiences, both good and bad, have placed me in a unique position to give clarity and guidance to those who need it. In other words, my superpower is being able to cut through the bullshit and help you to focus on what’s important.


Every business has its good days and bad days. The bad days can make you question every life choice you've ever made. (Believe me, I've been there.)  But I've learned that the key to success is a combination of courageous choices, an enterprising vision, and dogged determination.  Let’s call it 80% determination and 20% everything else. Seriously.  Determination counts for more than you could possibly imagine.


If you have that hunger to succeed (however you define it), I am here to help.  The next steps are yours.  

Learn how to...

  • Prioritize your responsibilities
  • Build strategic partnerships to create a client funnel
  • Use your circle of influence to grow your business
  • Stand out in a crowded field
  • Create a team of brand ambassadors to sing your praises and refer you business
  • Target the right audience to find the clients who want your product or service
  • Run your business more effectively
  • Create your own authentic brand identity
  • Learn to use digital marketing to grow your brand

Are you a good fit?...

This might be you if:

  • You’re feeling out of alignment with your business but don’t know what needs to change.
  • You love your work but don’t want it to come at the expense of the rest of your life.
  • You want to attract your ideal clients with less effort.
  • You know what you want to do but need help figuring out the next steps

You will get one-on-one, support on whatever you need: time management, goal setting, planning, sales and marketing, as well as your own personal cheerleader when you need that extra nudge.

Branding and the Solopreneur

If you think branding is only for the big boys, think again. Branding is the face you present to the world and plays an important role in the perception that customers have of your business.  How do you stand out? How do you find customers for your products and services? How do you charge what you're worth?

Let's chat and find out!

What Our clients Are Saying

What do our clients think about Monica & 3D Studios?

One of the things I absolutely love about working with Monica at 3D Studios is the clarity she gives me when it comes to revamping, redesigning or repositioning my company's brand and message.  I have had the pleasure of working with 3D Studios for almost a decade and I highly recommend them!

Dawn, Publish & Promote

American Expat in Costa Rica

After spending 10 years living in NY, I decided to return to France to open an upscale lounge.  It was more challenging than I had anticipated.  Monica worked with me to develop my brand identity and helped me to set myself apart in a very competitive market. Her advice and guidance are invaluable. 

Alex, L'Escalier

French Expat, Repatriated

During our first meeting, we'll determine exactly where your needs lie and where to focus next. Then, we'll schedule a standing meeting to review your progress and work through any issues that arise.

You will get one-on-one, personalized training on your pain points including; time management, goal setting, planning, sales and marketing, as well as your own personal cheerleader when you need that extra nudge.

Let’s chat and see if we can work together to grow your business. The first session's on me!

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